Lodging News - June 2013

Wired for Success

Wired for Success

Whether it’s the latest mobile device guiding a road warrior from airport to hotel or a tablet tapping into a world of entertainment options via ever-swelling streams of Wi-Fi, technology is as important as a comfortable bed. Lodging leaders know just how much their guests value access to an increasingly innovative menu of options and often expect built-in hotel features like state-of-the-art climate control.

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Expanding Coverage

Expanded coverage

The Federal Communications Commission has made a commitment to expand mobile voice and broadband service across the United States, both in underserved areas and in areas where use is intense and can overload the networks. There is no single solution. Instead, the FCC plans to take action on many fronts.

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OTC Tax Amendment


Despite numerous attempts to stall this legislative concept, House Bill 2656 is still moving. We have reached the point of the Legislative Session when political games are at their peak. House Bill 2656 will establish a statewide rate for taxes on rooms in Oregon and assure “all rooms in Oregon will be taxed at the room rate paid by the consumer.”

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Lane Co. Pulls Back on TRT for Non-Tourism Uses

Lane County

As cities and counties look to find money to scrape by during these tough economic times, some are targeting tourism dollars to supplement their budget constraints. But counties must not lose sight of tourism’s vitality to the future of their economies. Tourism dollars help all businesses, not just restaurants and hotels.

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Funding Film = Increased Tourism

Funding Film

Film and television shows not only attract tourists interested in seeing specific locations, but also have the ability to increase the profile of an area in general. Portlandia advertises the unique aspects of Portland in a satirical fashion, but has contributed to a general awareness of the city and its attractions.

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Healthcare Requirements on “Affordability”

Affordable Healthcare

Penalties for large employers under the 2010 health care law can kick in for a number of reasons, including in cases where the health care coverage a large employer offers to its full-time employees is not considered “affordable.” The law says that if a full-time employee who works for a large employer is asked to pay more than 9.5 percent of his or her household income for individual coverage under an employer’s plan, the employer’s health plan is considered unaffordable for that employee.

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