Lodging News - October/November 2013

Cultivating Your Key Assets

It has long since been established in any industry that hiring good people, training them well and finding new ways to engage and motivate them is a winning formula for keeping turnover low and, most importantly, costs down. On average, labor represented 45 cents for every dollar spent on owning and operating a hotel last year, making it commonly the largest line item on a hotel’s budget.

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Management, as a Position, is Obsolete

Ask anyone the difference between the two and the answer nearly always puts management in a negative light and leadership in a positive light. Is “manager,” then, an obsolete term of a by-gone era when “leaders” didn’t really lead or want their teams to think?

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Litigation Prevention Tool: Self Audit

Litigation Tool

With employment lawsuits on the rise, employers are wise to invest in internal reviews of their employment practices. Self audits allow employers to detect and correct potential legal issues before they develop into expensive litigation or create adverse publicity.

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Two Dueling Tax Proposals

Dueling Tax

By now, I’m sure you’ve read about Governor Kitzhaber’s push for a special session to address PERS reform. The Governor feels he needs $200 million in revenue in the short term to bridge the economic gap and prevent teacher layoffs during this budget cycle, since it is unlikely that PERS reform will really start to show savings until the following biennia.

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OTC Tax Update

OTC update

During the 2013 Oregon Legislative Session, ORLA supported a bill that amends Oregon law to require “online travel companies” (OTCs) to collect and pay the state and local lodging taxes on their retail transactions. This bill means a great deal to the industry as it provides significant funding for tourism promotion throughout Oregon.

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Don’t Put Off the Play or Pay Mandate

Most of you know by now whether or not you are an Applicable Large Employer (ALE). You should also be aware of the ‘play or pay’ penalties and that the administration has pushed back the implementation of these penalties for a year (1/1/2015). What you may not know is that any employers looking to adjust hours as a strategy in dealing with these requirements will need to make those adjustments no later than the end of this year (2013).

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