Lodging News - June / July 2016

Local Flavor

On a spring afternoon outside the Stephanie Inn on Oregon’s postcard-perfect north coast, Cannon Beach-combers leave footprints in the sand that dodge the chilly but cathartic Pacific surf. Immersed in sights, sounds, smells, and thoughts, visitors aren’t about to let cold feet get in the way of a special day at the beach.

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Preparing Future Leaders in Hospitality future leaders

Four years ago, a group of stakeholders and leaders in the hospitality industry, including the Oregon Restaurant & Lodging Association, generously pledged support towards the creation of a hospitality program at Oregon State University - Cascades.

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Oregon Retirement Savings Planretirement plan

Annette Joly serves a steady string of hungry arrivals – and departures – at her Capers Café et Le Bar at Portland International Airport. The restaurant owner and entrepreneur also strives to treat her crews of employees well, but she hasn’t yet been able to start a retirement plan for the company.

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Advocacy Updateadvocacy update

In a hearing on Monday, May 23, the Oregon Senate Interim Committee on Finance and Revenue heard from the Legislative Revenue Office (LRO) on potential effects of Initiative Petition 28, a proposed ballot measure implementing a 2.5 percent gross receipts tax on sales of consumer items in Oregon.

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The Working Interviewworking interview

Sometimes a new hire expects a job to be different than it actually is. After a few days or a few weeks, they decide the demands of the job are not what they signed up for, and they look for work elsewhere. At other times, it becomes apparent from the first day that a candidate who had a good interview does not actually have the abilities required for the job, and you have to let them go.

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Local Issues Heat Uplocal issues

ORLA’s Advocacy team is engaged in Portland’s recent matters including the drive-through ban, camping lawsuit, and “Portland Can Do Better” initiative.

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Constructive Conversationsconstructive convos

From Medford to Portland and from Hood River to Bandon, ORLA has been traveling the state to talk with and listen to our members and others in the industry.

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