Main Ingredient - August 2011

2011 Legislative Report 

2011 ORLA Legislative Report

For the first time ever in the history of the Oregon House of Representatives, the were Co-Speakers leading the Chamber. A few years back, however, the Oregon Senate had a party affiliation split of 15-15. So what do the two legislative sessions have in common? The answer is that the hospitality industry fared well in both sessions.

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Common Interests

Common Interests

There are those who believe that everything in the world is connected. Others like pragmatic Peter Roscoe, who owns and operates Fulio's in Astoria, give credence to cause and effect that they can actually see, like the influence ORLA's Government Affairs team has on policymaking in Salem, Oregon.

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Effective Local Marketing

Menu board

As you know, restaurant goers are receptive to operations that are part of their community, act as good local citizens, and highlight local fare and local ingredients. In fact, most consumers think local independent restaurants are more socially responsible than chains. Further, the majority of consumers say they would reward restaurants that are good local citizens by visiting more often and even be willing to pay more.

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Where Does Nutrition Information Come From?

Nutrition Information

This question may seem a lot less scary than your eight year old asking you where babies come from. Nutrition information is everywhere these days - from the airport to the corner coffee shop - which has restaurant operators asking: what exactly is nutrition analysis and where does nutrition information come from?

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The Benefits of a Drug and Alcohol Free Workplace

Drug & Alcohol Free workplace

Many companies have considered alcohol- and drug-free workplace programs, but feel they are too difficult to administer or too expensive to implement - especially for a small business owner. However, the statistics relating to workplace alcohol and drug use are alarming and can have a devastating impact on every size of business.

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