Main Ingredient - December 2010


It's All About Communication

Emblazoned across the top of the March 2001 inaugural issue of Main Ingredient in big bold letters is the headline "SUCCESS STORIES." Fittingly, the Oregon Restaurant Association's (ORA) Restaurateur of the Year (2000) and future State Representative Kevin Cameron graces the magazine's first cover, with a confident look inviting readers to turn the page and look inside the redesigned publication.

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Post Election Recap

Election recap

The 2010 elections have come and gone and most of the dust has settled here in Oregon. Voters retained some leaders, elected some new leaders, and one important leadership position will not be decided until after the first of the year.

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2011 Legislative Session Preview

Legislative session

Republicans and democrats will be forced to compromise on just about everything, but money, jobs, and the formidable budget will be priorities on the legislative agenda.

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Northwest Foodservice Show


It's no surprise to anyone who follows trends in the foodservice industry that the Pacific Northwest has a reputation for being on the cutting edge of quality and innovation where alcoholic beverages are concerned.

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Evolution of Safety and Service

When the first dining establishments developed in Europe during the eighteenth century no one could have foreseen the changes that lay ahead for the lodging and restaurant industries.

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