Main Ingredient - February 2011

Tools of Engagement: Restaurateurs Rely on Old and New Methods of Communication

Not everyone stretches marketing to the lengths that Zappos does. At a recent American Marketing Association Meeting in Portland, CEO Tony Hsieh of the billion-dollar online retailer told an interesting story about branding by way of extreme customer service. Late one night, Hsieh talked a famished friend into trying to order a pizza from one of his call-center customer service representatives, someone better equipped to sell a pair of shoes than hot food to go.

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Holistic Branding

Branding is a nebulous concept for most. It's a term that is often confused for a logo or an identity. It's an art that is not as simple as painting a colorful shingle, hanging it outside the front door and calling it good.

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Marketing Resources on the Cheap

Not every business can afford to have dedicated staff or hire a firm to handle all the marketing duties restaurants need to be doing on a consistent basis. Too often in the industry the owner-operator is wearing multiple hats from greeter, chef, accountant to marketer.

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Legislative Session Underway

The 2011 Legislative Assembly met for an organizational session January 10th through January 12th to introduce legislation and establish committee assignments. This three-day opener provided a sense of what to look forward to in Salem this session.

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Food Carts Still Getting a Lot of Attention

Whether you love food carts or hate them, you can't ignore them. It's been an amazing couple of years for Portland's food carts.

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