Main Ingredient - February 2012

Meaningful Marketing

Something is different about this place. It’s immediately noticeable as you pull into a parking spot under the solar-array-covered canopy protecting six electric vehicle-charging stations from another rainy day in Oregon. The Café Yumm! location in Eugene is a restaurant anomaly, differentiated by everything from its part sun-powered electrical system to organic foods, with walls that tell a story.

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Online Review and Social Media Stickers

Review and stickers

As we move into the thick of New Year's resolutions and our diners are planning their next summer vacation, it seems the increase in 'healthy segment menus'  are all the rage this year, but is a menu segment enough or should restaurants also employ physical marketing components such as stickers or menu symbols?

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Wood Village Casino Re-files Petition

Wood Village casino

About a year ago the U.S. Interior Department Assistant Secretary for the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA), Larry Echo Hawk, processed a reservation application for the Cowlitz tribe north of Portland in southern Washington which was federally recognized in 2002. The BIA also ruled their new reservation could be used for gaming.

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NRA's Chef Survey

NRA Chefs Survey

The National Restaurant Association each year surveys professional chefs, members of the American Culinary Federation, on which foods, beverages, cuisines and culinary themes will be hot trends on restaurant menus. The What’s Hot in 2012 survey was conducted in the fall of 2011 among nearly 1,800 chefs.

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Whims, Wants & Desires

Whims and wants

What will the New Year bring? Many industry experts say more of the same and with good reason: the economy is still slowly growing, recent research shows that most consumers are not planning to make any changes in their use of foodservice (and those who do are far more likely to say they are anticipating further cutbacks).

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Taxes and Legislation

Taxes and Legislation

The first scheduled “annual” session for the Oregon Legislature is upon us this February, and the sense of calm that was noticeable during the last session is changing like the seasons. Some of the public employee unions and a few select House Democrat legislators are making noise about how they want to be more aggressive against the banking industry and higher income earners.

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