Main Ingredient - July 2013

Healthcare Conundrum

Healthcare Conundrum

Beginning January 1, 2014, for better or worse and richer or poorer, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) goes into effect, requiring individuals to have “Minimum Essential Coverage” or be subject to penalties. Although “until death do us part” doesn’t necessarily factor into the rule book, the ACA could prove a bitter pill to swallow for a broad swath of Oregon businesses and families.

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Employer Reporting, Penalties Delayed

Employer Reporting Delayed

In a major victory for employers who have been struggling to understand and figure out how to implement the 2010 healthcare law, the Treasury Department announced that it has delayed by a year the law's mandate that requires "large employers" to report to the IRS whether they offered their full-time employees and their dependents healthcare coverage in 2014.

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Do Your Employees Have Health Insurance?

Do your employees have insurance

Noble Coffee Roasting in Ashland pays 100 percent of medical and dental insurance for six employees on their management team. The company started out of a garage in 2007 with just a handful of employees, beginning with a great passion for coffee and evolving into a thriving company with 17 employees.

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Healthcare FAQs - Employers & Employees

Healthcare FAQs

The following questions and answers prepared by ORLA's healthcare expert, Garth Rouse, are intended to be used for general information about the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Before implementing any benefit changes please consult a professional specializing in this field as this law is continuously changing and evolving.

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Healthcare Notice Language Released

Healthcare language released

The Department of Labor released model language and a template for the written notice that almost all employers will be required to provide to their employees about how to access healthcare coverage through new "exchanges" created by the 2010 healthcare law.

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Reducing Fraud and Increasing Data Security

Reducing Fraud

Your customers expect you to keep their personal cardholder data safe – not an unreasonable expectation and merchants must take it seriously. Such protection requires merchants to make an ongoing commitment to human and monetary resources, including new technologies, stronger policies and continuous diligence.

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Controlling Costs Associated with Staffing

Controlling Costs

I have noticed some recent hot topics within industry publications with common themes around staff costs, actions and control. This got me thinking about the number of restaurant owners who just don’t look at (or don’t know about) the depth of data and reports that their POS system has to help them understand and improve their business.

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The Trend Makeover

Trend Makeover

Every restaurant walks a fine line between personality—offering a menu and ambiance that truly stands out—and familiarity—comfortable dining as expected. For consumers, a restaurant that’s too far out there can be just as disappointing as a tired format that’s stuck in time.

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