Main Ingredient - March 2011

Northwest Foodservice Show Elevates the Industry

Trade shows are all about opportunities. From discovering transformational technology to making new connections, the 49th annual Northwest Foodservice Show will offer plenty of chances for restaurateurs to "Raise the Bar" – this year's theme. The 2011 event, sponsored by Liberty Northwest, gets cooking at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland April 3-4.

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Liquor Distribution and Immigration

Two issues of importance, liquor distribution and immigration reform, have both been hot topics in the northwest for the last few years. And while they may be quiet for now, they are far from over.

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What's next in health care reform

Oregon and Washington are required to set up "exchanges" or a marketplace for offering qualified health insurance plans by Jan. 1, 2014. These exchanges will provide one-stop shopping for individuals and small businesses to compare rates, benefits and quality among plans.

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