Main Ingredient - October 2012

Net Loss

Net Loss? Commercial Gillnet Ban

It’s a gorgeous fall afternoon on Youngs Bay in Astoria, clear blue skies above and calm, translucent waters below. Skipper Tim Yeager fishes the main stem of the Columbia River, its bays and other fingers for fresh Chinook and Coho salmon. Like so many others in the community and Oregon’s rural northwest, fishing is not only his livelihood, it’s his life to a great degree.

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It's 'That' Season Again

Its that season again

For the next several months, there is no ‘business as usual’; it’s time for both customer traffic and employee shifts to be widely affected by the holidays; be ready for it! Right now is the best time to keep a keen eye for opportunities, which means preparing and planning for the holidays.

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Gift Card

gift card

Gift cards continue to grow in popularity, with huge potential for merchants who understand how to promote and manage strong gift card programs. Having an understanding of your payment acceptance options certainly helps in the decision-making process.

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Hospitality Industry Awards

Hospitality Awards

The Hospitality Industry Awards recognize industry professionals who exemplify the highest standards of service and commitment to guests, team, association, industry, and community. At Convention we paid tribute to a few of our industry’s most dedicated leaders, volunteers and mentors.

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Kitchen Display Systems

Kitchen display systems

While commonly used in the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) market to improve speed of service and control waste, the Kitchen Display System (KDS) can also improve the quality of service in cafes, bars and restaurants. Here are some features and benefits of the KDS when implemented in a table service environment.

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2012 Election Prediction

2012 Election Predictions

We are now deep into the political season and even though each individual legislative race will have a winner and loser, the Oregon House of Representatives is currently in a “tied” chamber with 30 Democrats and 30 Republicans. Neither of the individual political parties feels like they “won” last election cycle, so both are looking for the 31st member to add to their caucus in order to take control of the House chamber.

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