Main Ingredient - October 2013

Rules of Engagement

The New Rules of Engagement

Incorporating social and mobile marketing can be like over-partaking in a restaurant, one that keeps delivering plate after plate of food that you just can’t resist. Just when you think that you are completely satisfied, along comes another tantalizing course that forces you to reach under the table and loosen that belt another notch.

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Mobile Data Security and Universal Commerce

Mobile Data

As consumers demand greater access to information, offers and payment functionality—anytime, anywhere—the lines between in-store commerce, eCommerce and mobile commerce are blurring. It is therefore crucial to accurately identify potential new vulnerabilities and build effective defenses to stay ahead of data thieves.

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Establishing a Presence on Google

Presence on Google

This article is the first in a three-part series aimed at helping you understand and harness the power of Google+ to improve your presence online. We recently asked restaurateurs and hoteliers which social media platform still confuses them. The vast majority answered Google+, and rightfully so.

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The Stars Shine Bright on the Oregon Trails.

Stars Shine

A few months ago it was announced that Portland-based author Cheryl Strayed’s successful memoir Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail was being made into a feature film with Fox Searchlight acquiring worldwide distribution rights.

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Survey: Your Voice Helps Shape Policy.

Survey Says

You should have received an online survey request from ORLA more than once during the past year. As issues come up, at either the state or local level, ORLA has determined that online surveys are the best and fastest way to find out how small business owners feel about subjects of concern across the state.

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Fall Into Comfortable Profits

Comfortable Profits

Fall is a season that brings about shifting tastes and changing consumer expectations. Your diners want more comfort food and festive atmospheres; they want service they can rely on because dining will be just one part of their busy day.

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