Main Ingredient - September 2010

Profiles in Passion

In Oregon, some of the relatively new chefs, and established ones with newer concepts who are getting a lot of buzz have some things in common: a reliance on seasonal and regional sourcing, a belief in straightforward but imaginative cuisine and an unshakeable Northwest identity.

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Winning Ideas

Smart restaurateurs and hoteliers are finding ways to stack the odds in their favor, capitalizing on new technology to deliver customers better value and their bottom lines higher profits.

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ORLA Convention

The first annual Oregon Restaurant & Lodging Association Convention, presented by Liberty Northwest, is September 19 - 21 at The Riverhouse Hotel & Convention Center in Bend.

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On Line Booking Agents

Major online travel companies and their national trade association recently launched a deceitful email campaign to urge both the general public and the travel industry to contact Congress in support of the "Internet Travel Tax Fairness Act".

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Tip Pooling

We are setting forth our views about the recent court decision this spring on tip pools to provide you, our members, with some answers and guidelines about management-run tip pools in restaurants.

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Vote No On Casino Measure

While you will get the opportunity to cast a no vote on one casino ballot measure this fall, you almost got the chance to vote no on two casino measures.

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