Main Ingredient - September 2011

Meaningful Conversations

Not long ago, falling for a brand meant little more than forming a habit, from frequenting the same coffee shop daily to hypnotically loading colorfully packaged favorite flavors into the grocery cart once a week. While old routines and broadcast media live on, social media has burst onto the scene, adding a whole new dimension to brand loyalty.

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Outsourcing Social Media

Some hotels and restaurants have been slow to incorporate social media into customer service, sales, and marketing efforts, largely due to a lack of understanding or resources. This justification, however real, no longer holds water. Customers and prospects are relying on social media to help make purchase decisions, especially when traveling, so avoiding or delaying engagement is not an option.

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In Good Health

Naked Pizza likes to refer to themselves as “the social media company who also sells pizza.” Indeed, with a Twitter following of over 13,000, nearly 8,000 fans on facebook, and the title of one of the world’s fastest growing franchises, Naked Pizza has pioneered the way restaurants engage their customer base—all in promotion of their goal to develop recipes that don’t sacrifice taste for health.

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Digital Identity Beyond Your Website

Web-based tools are changing how consumers learn about products and services, communicate with one another, and share information. Even your best customers don’t visit your website every day, however they are checking their email, logging into Facebook and using search engines every day. You need to communicate with your customers by putting your messaging where their eyes are.

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Creating Social Media Guidelines

Most restaurants are utilizing some form of social media to connect with customers, however very few establish basic guidelines and just dive in and start without determining what the goals and rules of engagement are. Skipping this important step opens up the restaurant to possible liability and the potential for usage that damages reputation and patronage.

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Portland Plastic Bag Ban

Say goodbye to reusing your plastic bags to line your wastebasket or pick up after your dog. On July 21st, Portland Mayor Sam Adams introduced an ordinance to the Portland City Council that would ban single-use plastic bags from Portland stores. The Council voted unanimously to implement the ordinance, which will take effect on October 15, 2011.

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A Tiger Loses His Stripes

The debt ceiling debate has concluded in Washington, DC and Congressman David Wu has resigned. This opens up the First Congressional District to a rare “no risk” election for many in the political arena. When David Wu had another allegation come out against him, there were several in Oregon politics that wanted to take a shot at defeating him.

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