Main Ingredient - August 2014

Smoke and Cure

Smoke and Cure

Every summer, Northwesterners dust off their outdoor grills and re-stoke the ages-old tradition of the backyard barbecue, slow cooking chicken, ribs, brisket, and other meats to the brink of fall’s first rain drops. Barbecue is a tradition that stretches back farther than the backyard, even past the word's European root, barbacoa.

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Charcuterie - A Sustainable Trend


Charcuterie, the art of preserving meats by salting, curing or cooking is showing strong resurgence lately. It’s an ancient food preparation technique that is more prevalent than you might think. From ancient times up to the early 1900s, due to lack of dependable refrigeration, charcuterie was an act of necessity.

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ORLA ADVOCACY UPDATE: November Elections

November Election

Oregon voters will have plenty of issues to consider on the ballot this coming November, but actually it will be fewer measures than during the typical general election. Since 1996, an average of 12 measures appear annually on the ballot in Oregon.

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Elections Preview

Traditionally, the Labor Day holiday is when the general election activity starts picking up, since voters are no longer on vacation and kids are back in school. There may be big changes coming for the 2015 policymaking season.

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MANAGE MY RESTAURANT: Cultivating Local Growers

Local Growers

There’s no question that today’s consumers crave locally grown produce. It’s been one of the top culinary trends for the past five years, according to the National Restaurant Association’s annual chef survey. But dealing with the variability of local or regional produce and coordinating with farmers can be challenging.

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MANAGE MY RESTAURANT: Is it Time to Raise Your Prices?

Raise Prices

Making sure the price is right for each menu item is no game — it takes lots of work. Before adjusting your prices, consider the following eight factors.

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