Main Ingredient - February 2014

Connecting with Customers

Connecting with Customers

Like masterful chefs preparing sumptuous cuisine for their guests, practitioners of marketing enjoy their craft, whether they revel in the artistic process that unfolds into a feng-shui Facebook page or the calculated science behind an email campaign that delivers dissectible cold hard data and measurable results.

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Social Media’s Marketing Challenges

Social Media Marketing

Social media can consist of website blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and other mobile applications. Often these sites allow your customers and sometimes employees to express their opinion about your restaurant – be it true or not.

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Small Business Tax Cut

Small Bus Tax Cut

There was a “small business tax cut” passed during the 2013 special session in September. The tax legislation created an optional lower rate, starting in tax year 2015 – it does not apply for years 2013 or 2014.

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IRS Ruling on Automatic Gratuities/Service Charges

IRS Ruling on Tips

There was a new rule with regard to the treatment of service charges, as opposed to tips, that went into effect on January 1 of this year and it has many restaurant operators confused.

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Establishing a Presence on Google+ Part 4

Google Plus

Being listed on Google Local Carousel makes a major difference in terms of business revenue. Studies have shown an excellent click-through rate and conversion rate achieved by companies displayed in the Carousel.

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Manage My Restaurant: Marketing to Millennials

Generation Now

Sustaining and growing a profitable restaurant requires a loyal and expanding customer base. Millennials are a large and diverse market with significant spending power. The progressive restaurateur will maintain an increasing awareness of them.

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Spring Into Healthy Decisions

Spring Into Healthy

With the holiday season behind us, many adults want to enjoy guilt-free dining. Your customers will be seeking the real fruits and vegetables on your menu, whether it’s entrees and salads, or drinks and desserts.

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Which Future Culinary Stars Will Represent Oregon?

Which Future Star

Teams of four student chefs, representing 21 schools, will practice for months in order to be prepared for this year’ s upcoming Oregon ProStart High School Culinary Championships, Sunday, March 2nd at the Red Lion Hotel on the River/Jantzen Beach-Portland.

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