Main Ingredient - January / February 2016

Distilling Profits

Distilling Profits

The holidays have gone, but spirits are still high among patrons at many northwest restaurants thanks in part to Oregon’s micro-distilleries. In fact, restaurateurs have never had a better opportunity to stir up consumer interest in regionally inspired beverages and pour profits into their businesses. Partnering with spirited artisans can help create the local experience that customers often crave.

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Move Over Craft Brews 

Move Over Craft Beer

Oregon has been the unofficial mecca of craft brews since the early 80s, however, the time has come to embrace the growing trend of craft cocktails. And with all the creativity, curiosity, passion and talent that is around, it’s not surprising that Portland is often at the forefront of trends in the cocktail world.

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New Year Regulations are Here 

New Year Regs

Oregon employers are shouldered with a whole host of new regulations placed on them by government now that 2016 has arrived. Our goal is to take a deeper dive into these regulations to make sure that you are adequately prepared for these laws.

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Tourism Investment: State Lodging Tax Would Present Favorable Opportunities 

Tourism Investment

Over the course of the past few months, ORLA has held regional meetings throughout the state regarding developments to increase the statewide lodging tax. On its surface, any tax increase sounds like a tough sell – maybe even a claim by government that they know how to spend our money better than we do.

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ORLA to Fight Forced Implementation of Minimum Wage

Fight Minimum Wage

The pressure is mounting – citizens for an increased minimum wage are calling for action in Oregon with some business groups based in the Portland area discussing a deal to increase the rate to $12 or more statewide.

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Manage My Restaurant:
Education’s Role in the Restaurant Industry

Education Role

Hands-on experience is undeniably important to developing an employee’s skills. But formal training is equally important. In fact, more than half of restaurant operators plan to devote more resources to employee training this year, according to the National Restaurant Association’s Restaurant Industry Forecast.

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