Main Ingredient - July / August 2015

To Outsource or Not

As a life-long agency guy, I have a profound bias as to what activities and marketing disciplines are best outsourced. While it may seem surprising, it's not that I believe that brands should outsource all marketing, but I do have a strong opinion in regards to how best to leverage marketing agencies and consultants.

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Pet or Servant?

Pet or Servant

Many hospitality industry employers struggle with the interplay between state health department regulations, which prohibit animals from being in restaurants, and the Americans with Disabilities Act (“ADA”), which prohibits excluding service animals from the same establishments.

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Advocacy Update: Session Winds Down

Session Wind Down

June marks the end of state government’s fiscal year and 2015 Oregon Legislative Session. Democratic legislative leadership is pushing an agenda that tries to drive a wedge between employers and their employees.

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Impending Shift in Credit Card Liability

Impending Shift

To help combat the growing threat of fraud, the U.S. is embracing EMV chip cards, a microchip payment that can help protect merchants, consumers and card issuers from the use of counterfeit and lost or stolen payment cards at the point-of-sale.

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Shifting Trends, Drifting Prophets 

Shifting Trends

Every year, your profits drift along with the shifting trend predictions made by foodservice prophets. Are you to believe that healthful dining is the way to go? Or that local sourcing and the ratcheting up of flavor profiles will tilt in your favor? As we head into the summer months and the second half of the year, let’s look at the trends you can hang your chef’s hat upon.

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