Main Ingredient - July / August 2016

Discovering Workforce Gold

Josh Archibald has been a chef at the Wayfarer Restaurant in Cannon Beach for what seems like eons. Okay, it has only been ten years, but that counts as a career in the restaurant industry.

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Fire Up the Smoke

fire up smoke

As we head into summer, the trends in people’s backyards are reflected on the menus of restaurants everywhere as well. This is true of fine dining and casual eateries, not just smokehouse restaurants.

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Wage Equity With Tip-Credit

wage equity

In my 36-year career in Oregon as a professional waiter I have always been against a tip credit. Until now. I now know tip credit fits the evolving Oregon restaurant business model.

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Preventive Maintenance

preventive maintenance

The 80/20 rule with regards to hospitality maintenance means that 80 percent of your maintenance activities should be proactive in nature and only 20 percent should be handling unplanned maintenance items.

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Overtime Guidance

overtime guidance

We recently conducted a survey of ORLA members to see what HR issues are most important to you. Wage and hour, reducing turnover, and sick leave rules topped the list.

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The 411 on Playing Music

411 music

Is there music playing in your bar or nightclub? Unless you’re operating a very specific concept, we’re willing to bet you’ve answered yes.

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IP28 is Regressive

advocacy update

In a hearing on Monday, May 23, the Oregon Senate Interim Committee on Finance and Revenue heard from the Legislative Revenue Office (LRO) on potential effects of Initiative Petition 28, a proposed ballot measure implementing a 2.5 percent gross receipts tax on sales of consumer items in Oregon.

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