Main Ingredient - June 2014

Sourcing Transparency

Sourcing Transparency

Erica Litzner is darting about The Brooklyn House with partner Lisa Samuels, readying the earthy farm-to-fork restaurant for a Mother’s Day weekend dinner crowd in Portland. Litzner’s days start early and run late, from mornings harvesting vegetables from her own backyard garden to her patrons’ last fork full of Gerstenfarms goose or Worden Hill pork.

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It’s Our Local Passion

Its Our Passion

The buzz is in the air, as lawn mowers burst out from their hiding places to signal the dominance of warmer weather. It is also your sign to mix more fresh local vegetables into your menu; customers expect your spring menu to reflect and showcase seasonally available offerings.

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2014 Legislative Elections

2014 Legislative Election

As people complain about how ineffective Congress is these days, they may actually begin to praise the “do-nothing” Congress, once they see what local government entities are doing. The list includes paid sick leave ordinances in Eugene, street fees in Portland, and increased lodging taxes for public safety in Newberg.

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MANAGE MY RESTAURANT:    8 Ways to Incorporate More Produce in Your Menus

Ways More Produce

With rising protein costs expected to affect restaurant operations this year, and the FDA's proposed ban on trans fat, the use of fresh produce is being pushed to the top of menus. While restaurant operators work to figure out the best way to incorporate more produce into their menus, consumers are likely to support it.

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MANAGE MY RESTAURANT: Visual Conversation - Using Instagram for Your Restaurant

Visual Conversation

Instagram was created in late 2010 by a pair of developers in San Francisco. In February 2013, Instagram announced that more than 100 million people use the app every month. Users are sharing images of their friends, pets, and, of course, their food.

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