Main Ingredient - May / June 2015

Craft Beer

Craft Beer To-Go

Three flights of shot glasses lay emptied in their wooden paddles at Plank Town Brewing Company in Springfield, as the waiter makes his way back to the table with a growler topped off with the brewery’s Blue Pils. The large airtight bottle of craft beer will make a great companion for tomorrow’s backyard barbecue.

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Collaboration in Regional Marketing Partnerships

regional marketing

Bringing in new customers; increasing brand recognition; making your location a go-to stop for both out-of-towners and locals. Do those goals sound familiar? That’s because tourism organizations and restaurant owners both want the same thing: more visitors coming to town and staying to eat and drink.

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Advocacy Update: Business Regs May Stunt Job Growth

Business Regs

April marked the halfway point of the 2015 Oregon Legislative Session, and most of the business groups closely monitoring the session are hoping that it will end soon. While there hasn’t been much talk about improving or growing the economy, there has been a lot of discussion about adding regulations and requirements to employers throughout the state.

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Balancing the Bar with Profits: Pricing & Promotion

Balancing the Bar

Cutting costs? Increasing profits? Looking for new menu items? A well thought out beverage program can definitely help your profits and generate return customers! Here’s a straight shot of what you should know.

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Advocacy Update: Losing Unredeemed Gift Cards 

Gift Cards

Occasionally it feels like Groundhog Day at the Oregon Capitol. House Bill (HB) 2543 is a legislative proposal that, if passed, would allow unredeemed gift cards to become property of the state. This issue has been brought up almost every session since 1997.

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Brewers Put Energy Efficiency On Tap

Brewers energy efficiency

Crafting a cold brew is highly resource intensive, prompting many Oregon breweries to take steps to reduce energy use and generate their own renewable energy. They’re finding that investments in energy not only cut operating costs, but also deliver valuable side benefits.

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Manage My Restaurant:
Millennials & Adult Beverages

Pouring profits

Americans between the ages of 21 and 34 are an interesting lot, something of an enigma. How can restaurant operators attract and satisfy a generation that’s knowledgeable about food and beverage, demanding of the experience and also looking for value and attractive pricing? The answer can be served up in a glass.

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