Main Ingredient - May / June 2016

Innovative Marketing Strategy

Wildly successful ice cream entrepreneur Kim Malek, co-owner of Salt & Straw, is heading to the Oregon coast on a Saturday morning, hoping to catch her breath between managing current operations and opening new parlors in Portland and LA; however, the car is not cooperating.

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Yelp for Restaurants

Yelp for restaurants

As restaurant marketing experts, we manage online reviews for hundreds of clients.  While there are multiple review sites, we get the most questions about how to use Yelp effectively.  Here are the top five questions we get and our recommendations.

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Taking Advantage of Mobile


“Pedestrian walks past restaurant carrying pocket-sized super-computer,” reads the slow news day headline. Sadly, this happens all too often. As you know, mobile devices are supreme and to take advantage of all they offer read on!

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Liquor Privatization

Liquor Privatization

In a packed conference room at the ORLA offices on March 30, pro and con advocates made their case for whether ORLA should consider supporting a renewed effort by the Northwest Grocery Association to pass a measure privatizing liquor sales on the November 2016 ballot.

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Food Allergies – Nothing to Sneeze At

Food Allergies

Many individuals with allergies are seeking restaurants that can accommodate their needs, and several activist groups are demanding legislation requiring restaurants to provide allergy management policies. Currently, several states and cities have adopted food allergy management policies.

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Remodeling or Refreshing Your Establishment?


If your establishment is among those planning (or has already undertaken) a remodel or refresh, I have some good news for you. The IRS has issued a revenue procedure that provides a safe harbor method of accounting for certain expenditures incurred in remodeling or refreshing of restaurant and retail establishments.

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Oregon Legislative Report

Legislative Report

The Legislature concluded on March 3rd, ending a short but very hostile session. Even the people successfully passing bills are unhappy.

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