Main Ingredient - November / December 2016

Serving up Surcharges?

Oregon’s restaurant industry has been dealt a number of blows recently, from minimum wage increases to mandated paid sick time, which make it increasingly difficult to operate a successful business, while keeping everyone from customers to employees happy in the process.

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Paying Royalties

That question is frequently asked when business owners look into securing a BMI music license and the answer is quite simple.

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Restaurant Neighbor Awards

With nine in 10 restaurants involved in community service, the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation (NRAEF) works to raise awareness of the many philanthropic efforts taking place in the restaurant industry across America.

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Oregon Hospitality Industry Awards

Every year we have the pleasure of honoring a few outstanding industry professionals who exemplify the highest standards of service and commitment to guests, team, association, industry, and community.

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Restrictive Scheduling

Two cities, San Francisco and Seattle, recently passed laws regarding restrictive scheduling. Although San Francisco’s was passed in November 2014, it was not implemented until March 1, 2016. Seattle passed their version in early September 2016 and it is expected to take effect as of July 2017. 

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ORLA Doubles Down on Regional Meetings

After holding over 20 meetings this past Winter and Spring around the state, Oregon Restaurant & Lodging Association (ORLA) staff are back out again this Fall with meetings scheduled around Oregon.

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Industry of Opportunity

“What is your biggest challenge,” is a question often asked of owners and operators in the restaurant business. And the answer which comes in many forms – the right fit, people with good skills, someone who understands my business – all boils down to “staffing.”

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