Main Ingredient - November/December 2014

Local Catch

Local Catch

The Cedar Plank King Salmon on the plate at Ringside Fish House in Portland is one of those meals that you want to consume with your eyes before disturbing with your fork. But Executive Chef David Ezelle’s exquisite presentation of the fresh local fish is no match for the enticing aroma and the anticipation of impatient taste buds.

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A Snapshot From The Sea

A Snapshot from Sea

There is plenty going on in the Oregon seafood industry, from new rankings with the Seafood Watch program to a research seine fishery operating on the Columbia River for the first time since 1950, and a windfall of wild salmon return to the Columbia this year.

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New Web Features

New Website Features

In an effort to serve as a comprehensive resource, ORLA recently launched enhancements to the website enabling e-commerce, data management, and access to premium online content.

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ADVOCACY UPDATE: Race Predictions & Ballot Measures

Race Predictions

Election season is now upon us. Oregon ballots will be in our mailboxes in the coming days, and soon enough voters will be overwhelmed with campaign advertisements and political mail.

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ADVOCACY UPDATE: Oregon’s TrackTown Discussion

Building on Oregon TrackTown

Track and field may actually become one of Oregon’s brands in the future, not only nationally, but internationally as well. Representatives from Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber’s office have requested assistance from our industry to promote these efforts.

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Manage My Restaurant: Smaller Portions, Big Benefits

Smaller Portions

Increasing concerns about the effect of portion size on overall caloric intake and its impact on weight are causing more customers to reconsider what they’re eating at restaurants. Those concerns are also prompting restaurants to re-evaluate how they serve and price their food.

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Manage My Restaurant: 7 Ways for Businesses to Boost News Coverage

Seven Ways to Boost Coverage

Being a small business often means you have limited resources, but it doesn’t have to mean that you have less of a voice in the news media. National Restaurant Association research shows that seven in 10 restaurants are single-unit operations, so entrepreneurs are the backbone of local communities across the country.

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