Main Ingredient - September 2014

Cause and Effect

Cause and Effect

It’s easy to confuse “cause-based marketing” with “philanthropy”, but cause-based marketing refers to the cooperative efforts of for-profit businesses and non-profits that benefits both organizations. It differs from classical marketing in that most do-gooders aren’t looking for anything in return - they just want to have an effect on the world around them.

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Social Media Marketing Shows No Signs of Fading

Social Media Marketing

Your current customers are your best marketing! The growing popularity of social networks, the ease of use of mobile devices and applications and the low cost of participation have all made it an attractive option for restaurant operators.

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Advocacy Update: Schrader Pushes to Simplify Key Area of Healthcare Law.

Schrader Pushes Area of ACA

Rep. Kurt Schrader (D-Ore.) is a lead sponsor on a recently introduced bill that aims to make part of the health care law easier for small businesses to understand. It targets an area that has been a major point of confusion for restaurants as they seek to navigate the complex law: its two definitions of seasonal employees.

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Advocacy Update: Lottery Retailers Call to Action

Lottery Retailers

The time is now to contact your Lottery Commissioners and attend the September retailer forums. Video Lottery in Oregon is at a critical juncture; it can continue to lose retailers and market share, or in can keep pace with the market. The rates need to be far less punitive and encourage growth and investment.

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Manage My Restaurant: Turn Your Restaurant into a Tourist Destination.

MMR Tourist Destination

Boost your sales this summer by attracting more tourists to your restaurant. On average, tourism accounted for nearly a third of fine-dining sales and almost a fourth of casual-dining sales in 2012, according to National Restaurant Association research.

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Manage My Restaurant: How the New Foursquare Factors into Your Reputation Management Strategy

MMR New Foursquare

If you haven’t “checked in” on Foursquare lately, now is the time.  The app gets loyal brand advocates to compete over becoming a location’s “mayor” while attracting new guests with its built in “tips,” or mini-reviews. But Foursquare is making big changes to challenge Yelp as the go-to restaurant review app. Are you ready?

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