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Healthcare Overview: What You Need to Know

The 2010 Affordable Care Act (ACA) is now in play with mandates kicking in this fall. As an employer it's your responsibility to understand the law's requirements and what you need to do to comply.

Employer Mandate
One of the more significant changes with the new law is the employer mandate, which requires large businesses (those with more than 50 full time equivalent “FTE” employees) to offer “minimum essential coverage” or potentially face penalties. Find out if you are considered a large or small employer and determine what your responsibilities are to comply.

Individual Mandate
The law requires most individuals to obtain basic health insurance coverage, through their employer, state exchanges or elsewhere, or face an annual penalty. This will affect your employees if you do not offer coverage.

Key Dates and Implementation Timeline

Since many of the law’s provisions are phased in over time, this timeline will let you know what mandates are coming up.

Glossary & Helpful Links

To better understand the ACA and how it relates to your business, check out the glossary of terms related to the healthcare law as well as a list of resources on healthcare information and services.

Top 5 Steps to Take Now

Even if the ACA does not directly affect your business, and you are not required to provide your employees with health insurance, the law still affects your employees as it mandates they obtain personal health insurance coverage or pay a penalty. The National Restaurant Association has developed a list of steps you can take now to prepare for the new law.

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