Guest Service Gold®: Golden Opportunities

Are you training your employees to ensure the best guest service possible?

"Higher scores in online reviews allow hotels to maintain occupancy rates and charge up to 11.2% more." –Center for Hospitality Research

"A one-star increase in Yelp ratings results in a 5%-9% increase in revenue for Seattle area independent restaurants." –Harvard Business School 

Accredited Guest Service Training for the Hospitality Industry

Thanks to Travel Oregon’s sponsorship, ORLA's Education Foundation (ORLAEF) has partnered with the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute (AHLEI) to bring the Oregon travel and tourism industry an accredited and internationally recognized (more than 12,000 employees trained worldwide) customer service training program, Oregon Guest Service Gold®: Golden Opportunities. Normally up to $85, Oregon hospitality partners enjoy a special discounted rate through this program of $30 per course.

The curriculum provides a shared language for common-sense but essential elements of providing excellent guest service. It is a most effective tool when managers build upon and reinforce these lessons regularly with employees to create best practices and build their organization’s service culture. 

7 Principles for Delivering Superior Guest Service

The Golden Opportunities Guest Service Curriculum emphasizes seven different principles designed to motivate staff in developing superior guest service and inspire staff to 'Go for the Gold.'

  • Recovery: Turn it around
  • Personalization: Provide an individualized experience
  • Knowledge: Be in the know
  • Passion: Inspire others
  • Commitment: Be all in
  • Inclusion: Include everyone
  • Personality: Be yourself
Upon successful completion of the program, individuals will be recognized as a Certified Guest Service Professional® (CGSP) and will be mailed an official diploma and lapel pin.

BONUS: Participants also receive a complimentary TripAdvisor® Reputation Management course. This course, developed by AHLEI in partnership with TripAdvisor®, provides clear information on how front-line staff can encourage positive reviews by providing exceptional guest service.


Available 24/7, participants download a workbook and take the course and certification exam at any time. It typically takes 1-2 hours to complete. The course is currently best suited for lodging operations. We are working to expand the course’s focus, however, using the same principles but providing broader examples so that it is suitable for all members of the hospitality industry. We plan to debut this second version in early spring. It will be available for the same cost and successful completion will result in the same certification. To purchase an individual course click the "Get Started" button. Organizations may purchase multiple codes for employees by contacting Sue Smith.

Customized classes are available for a minimum of 10 people and typically cost $900 to include the trainer and 10 course books.

Questions? Sue Smith or Wendy Popkin, 800-462-0619
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Training Calendar

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Mar 28 2017 - Wilsonville, OR

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Apr 5 2017 - Wilsonville, OR

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Apr 12 2017 - Medford, OR

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Apr 25 2017 - Wilsonville, OR

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May 2 2017 - Wilsonville, OR

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May 10 2017 - Eugene, OR

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May 16 2017 - Woodburn, OR

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May 30 2017 - Wilsonville, OR

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Jun 6 2017 - Wilsonville, OR

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Jun 6 2017 - Bend, OR

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Jun 27 2017 - Wilsonville, OR

Why Train?

"9% of customers will leave because they are lured away by the competition, 14% will leave because of dissatisfaction with the product, and 67% will leave because of the attitude of one person in your organization."

- American Quality Association