Guest Service Gold®: Tourism, Oregon Edition

Oregon’s NEW course is based on the Golden Opportunities curriculum developed by the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute (AHLEI) that is used to certify a successful participant as a Certified Guest Service Professional (CGSP®) - part of a suite of internationally recognized certifications. Organizations can earn recognition as a Certified Property, Partner, or Destination if all front-line staff are engaged in this training. 

View the video introductory segment:

Oregon is the only state to have its own customized and internationally accredited guest service training curriculum specific to the tourism industry! It is now available online for a special Oregon partner rate of $30 (regularly $58-$85). The curriculum includes:

  • Downloadable workbook with practice tests and practical ideas for implementation
  • Introduction video with seven true Oregon employee stories that illustrate core concepts
  • Diploma and lapel pin for those who successfully pass the test 
  • Bonus course: TripAdvisor® Reputation Management for Front-Line Staff
Our tourism-focused course features stories of real Oregon hospitality employees and uses their actual service challenge stories to illustrate seven core principles essential to service.  

Seven principles and story locations:
  1. Recovery: Turn it around - (Theory Restaurant at OMSI)
  2. Personalization: Provide an individualized experience - (Timberline Lodge & Ski Area)
  3. Knowledge: Be in the know - (Sheraton Portland Airport Hotel)
  4. Passion: Inspire others - (St. Josef’s Winery)
  5. Commitment: Be all in - (Portland International Airport)
  6. Inclusion: Include everyone - (Oregon Convention Center)
  7. Personality: Be yourself - (Travel Oregon Welcome Center)
The project is a joint collaboration between the Education Foundation of the Oregon Restaurant & Lodging Association and AHLEI, and made possible by the generous sponsorship of Travel Oregon. 

Two versions of Guest Service Gold® are currently offered to Oregon’s hospitality industry, both using the same core principles and both available at the special Oregon rate of $30: 
  1.  NEW! Guest Service Gold®: Tourism, Oregon Edition is applicable to a broad cross-section of hospitality-related organizations. The stories featured were filmed in Oregon and use local hospitality employees.
  2.  Golden Opportunities uses hotel scenarios from national locations to illustrate its principles and is most applicable for accommodations-based organizations. 
Available 24/7 at AHLEI.ORG/Oregon for $30. Companies can pre-purchase codes for multiple employees by contacting Sue Smith at ORLA. or 800.462.0619.

For on-site training, contact ORLAEF at 800.462.0619. The minimum fee is $1,000 (includes instructor and 10 course packages; additional participant packages are $30 each).

Wendy Popkin, Executive Director, Oregon Restaurant & Lodging Association Education Foundation | | 800.462.0619

Why Train?

"9% of customers will leave because they are lured away by the competition, 14% will leave because of dissatisfaction with the product, and 67% will leave because of the attitude of one person in your organization."

- American Quality Association

"Higher scores in online reviews allow hotels to maintain occupancy rates and charge up to 11.2% more."
–Center for Hospitality Research 

"A one-star increase in Yelp ratings results in a 5%-9% increase in revenue for Seattle area independent restaurants."
–Harvard Business School