Educator Resources

With ProStart®, everything needed for fun, interesting and informative instruction is provided for you. Industry-driven curriculum blends culinary and management lessons into each textbook and offers flexibility in scheduling. Learning objectives include: Critical thinking and problem solving, communication, creativity, global awareness, and health literacy. A comprehensive list of program objectives is available here.

  • The Teacher's Resource Kit includes easy-to-follow steps for implementing the program and establishing outreach activities.
  • Detailed lesson plans help you prepare with a minimum amount of time and effort.
  • Case studies and professional profiles accompany each chapter, aligning content with real-world examples.
  • 3rd edition curriculum entitled "Foundations of Restaurant Management and Culinary Arts" includes online e-text access, allowing online access outside the classroom.

To order ProStart® curriculum for your school, contact Sue Smith at 800.462.0619.