Mentors Make the Difference

With more than 40 participating schools in Oregon, ProStart® is a great way to connect with the future leaders of our industry. As a mentor, you will embrace many roles, from teacher to role model. Mentors provide overall support for ProStart® students and help students make a real-world connection to their goals and the future. Support from local hospitality leaders results in educated, motivated and professional hospitality industry employees.

By mentoring you will:

  • Create a high quality labor pool for the hospitality industry.
  • Learn by teaching.
  • Groom potential employees.
  • Gain fresh perspectives and ideas.
  • Improve self confidence and focus in students' lives.

Searching for great employees?

Look no further than local ProStart® students! ProStart® is an excellent career starter for high school students, an exciting teaching opportunity for educators, a chance to share practical knowledge for mentors, and a smart investment in the future of Oregon's hospitality industry. ProStart® students have both FOH and BOH skills:

  • Customer Service & Communication
  • Food Storage, Safety & Sanitation Practices
  • Knife Skills, Preparation & Cooking methods
  • Cost & Inventory Control

America's restaurants are an industry of opportunity - learn how ProStart is building a pipeline of talent to help fill the 1.3 million jobs the industry will add over the next decade (see video).

To learn more about hiring a ProStart® student, contact Wendy Popkin at 800.462.0619.